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A) Cover of contract for private domestic central heating systems under 45kw input.


Wessex Gasworks Ltd will provide the cover as detailed below:



A1) Silver contract               


Annual boiler service


Labour costs on boiler


Unlimited call-outs


Landlord Gas safety certificate if required


Out of office hours emergency contact number (17.00-08.00)


A2) Gold contract               


Annual boiler service


Parts on boiler


Labour costs on boiler


Unlimited call-outs


Landlord Gas safety certificate if required


Out of office hours emergency contact number (17.00-08.00)


A3) Platinum Contract & Platinum Extra Contract     


Annual boiler service


Central heating repairs


Parts and labour costs          


Unlimited call-outs


Landlord Gas Safety certificate if required


Out of office hours emergency contact number (17.00-08.00)


B) Exclusions


Any defect caused by limescale, sludge or other debris


Replacement of Boiler*


Repairing or replacing flues


Replacement of Carbon Monoxide alarms


Underfloor heating including controls and components


Smart thermostat and Wi-Fi controls (for example Nest/Hive)


Decorative and curved radiators, including towel rails


Adjustment of time and temperature controls, resetting your controls or replacing batteries


Topping up water pressure on boilers


Replacement of decorative parts


Any hot & cold pipework including taps, showers and shower pumps


Cold water storage tank


Unvented and vented Hot water cylinder


Any original design faults


Any pipework concealed in solid floors or walls


Any defect caused accidental or wilful damage


Any defect or damage caused by fire, lightening, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, impact or any extraneous cause


Any defect or damage occurring from a failure of mains electricity or water supplies



* If you are on a gold or platinum service contract only, and your boiler is deemed by our engineer to be a non-viable repair and your boiler is under 10 years old. Then we will add the cost of parts only that are faulty, minus any outstanding payments of annual service contract. This will then be offered as a discount of a new boiler installation if supplied and fitted by us.


C) Response times


Wessex Gasworks will endeavour to call within 24hrs, subject to work load and labour availability in response to breakdowns.


For any work carried out you agree to make access available on a mutually agreed day Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm. Any out of hours breakdowns will be assessed and the necessary action will be carried out, which in some cases, will be in normal working hours on the next available working day.


D1) Cancellations


You have the right to cancel your contract with a full refund of any payments made within 14 days from the date you contracted us. However if an inspection, First service or repair has been carried out we reserve the right to recover any costs incurred. No refunds will be given following this 14 day period.  Notice of cancellation must be given in writing or emailed to .Should you wish to cancel your contract and/or cancel your standing order after such 14 day period and before the contract has been paid for in full you will remain liable for the balance of payments due.


D2) Our cancellation rights


We may cancel your contract in the following circumstances.


If we give you reasonable notice.


If you have given false information.


If you do not make an agreed payment.


If we find something wrong on the first service inspection, or we advised you that repairs or improvements are required to make sure your appliance or systems functions correctly.


If we are not reasonably able to find parts to keep system or appliance working safely.


E) Payment methods


Payment can be made in full by cheque, debit card, credit card or in monthly instalments by standing order. You remain responsible for ensuring that the contract is paid for. If the payment is not paid on the agreed date, we can cancel your contract or suspend your services under the contract until your payment is brought up to date. Any incidents that occur while your contract is suspended will not be covered.


F) Moving home


Please notify us of any change as soon as possible. We will cancel your agreement at your old address.

Any outstanding payments will need to be made to cover the annual service, safety check and breakdowns. Contracts are not transferrable and you will need to set up a new contract at your new property if you wish to do so.


G) Supply of spares


Wessex Gasworks may supply and fit replacement spare parts/components which are adequate but not necessarily identical to those removed.

Wessex Gasworks cannot be held responsible for the delay of spare parts by any supplier.

If we have agreed to cover a boiler but warned you it might be difficult to find replacement parts, we will do what we can, within reason, to repair it.

If we are not able to get hold of a spare part we may need to cancel your agreement.


H) Conditions of central heating systems


Acceptance of a central heating system including all components on to our service contract does not imply that it is installed correctly or to current standards of the manufacturer. Wessex Gasworks will not accept the responsibility of any loss or performance due to design fault.


At the time of the initial service visit, Wessex Gasworks reserve the right to cancel the contract for reasons of safety, accessibility, or non-availability of spare parts.


I) Renewal


Before the end of your service contract we will send you notification detailing the cost of the next contract term. If you pay for your existing contract by Standing order, you will need to make sure that these payments continue and are for the correct amount for your new service contract. We will inform you at least 14 days before your contract expires so that you will have time to inform us if you wish to use alternative payment details or to decline a new service contract. We may vary the amount of the contract or any of the terms and conditions by giving 14 days written notice. 


J) Gas safety Check & Certificate (CP12)


If you are a Landlord, by law it is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid Gas Safety Certificate for your property. We will send you a reminder email or letter before the Gas Safety Certificate is due.

We do not carry out safety checks automatically; it is your responsibility to contact us to arrange an appointment. If you then ask us to call the tenant on your behalf, we will try to contact the tenant a maximum of three times. If we have no success we will let you know, so you can then arrange an appointment.

If the tenant is not at home, or we are not able to gain access for any reason when we have arrived for the appointment, we will advise you and it is then your responsibility to rearrange another time.

We take no responsibility for making sure that your Gas safety Certificate is in date.       


K) Annual Service


We will send you a reminder email or letter to let you know your service is due. It is your responsibility to contact us to arrange an appointment which can be carried out anytime within the 12 month contract period.



Wessex Gasworks Ltd, May 2023              

Gas Safe
Water Industry

Registered at: Companies House, Cardiff, UK. Registration number: 4579995

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